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The only fanlisting for Dorian Gray, the character from Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and it's movie version, listed at the FanlistingsNetwork in Characters: Book/Movie category.

For now there is a focus on two versions: The book version and the one from "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (which happens to be this owners favourite version). If go to "choose your dorian" you will be able to change the layout, to one of these versions (yes, later on with more time, I might add more skins and more info on the other movies, as well). On the join form you will also be able to select which of the versions is your favourite or if you indeed like all, you can select this option as well.


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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

A version very different from its literary origins. The Dorian here is not blonde, has a beard and is less youthful looking compared to the description given by Oscar Wilde. Most importantly, the personality has been altered and Dorian here is not nearly as angsty and seems to enjoy his immortal existance more.

Maybe this is because, unlike the origina book version, this Dorian can not look at his painting to see the corruption and decay visible in his portrait. Despite this however, this Dorian hung his painting on his stair well, so maybe briefly peeping at it is of no consequence. ;)